Academy of Finland 2012–2015. Principal Investigator: Matti Mäntymäki

The purpose of Digital Engagement project was to examine and better understand the values that drive people’s engagement in social media platforms and the values that result from people’s activities in these platforms. The studies conducted within the project focused on user behavior in digital media and freemium consumer behavior and business model. Within these areas, we investigated e.g. the gratifications driving young people’s sustained use of a social virtual world[1]. Furthermore, we scrutinized the consumer values driving teenagers’ purchasing of virtual items and premium subscriptions in a social virtual world employing the freemium business model[2]. Lastly, we examined the differences in the gratifications driving sustained engagement with a popular freemium music streaming service between the basic and premium users[3].

Within the Digital Engagement project, we also started to pay increasing attention to the dark side of social media. In particular, we got fascinated by the concepts of voyeurism and exhibitionism. We started to look into these concepts by examining them as gratifications people obtain from prosuming Facebook, i.e. producing and consuming content[4].

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