A.K.M. Najmul Islam

Najmul Islam

University Researcher

A.K.M. Najmul Islam holds an Adjunct Professorship (Docent) at Tampere University with specialization on Information Systems Science. He works as a University Researcher (Interaction Design) at the Department of Future Technologies at the University of Turku. Najmul holds a B.Sc (Computer Science) from Bangladesh, M.Sc. (Communications Engineering) from Tampere University of Technology, and a PhD in Information Systems from the University of Turku.

Najmul is interested in understanding the positive and negative consequences of digitalization on individuals, organizations, and societies. He is particularly interested in understanding people’s behavior in different contexts, such as social media, technology-enhanced education, e-services, blockchain services, and so on. Najmul follows a holistic approach to investigate digitalization by taking technology, people, and processes into account in the context of inquiry in order to promote good and avoid bad from the digitization initiative.

Najmul has international research experience from Ireland (National University Ireland, Galway) and Canada (University of British Columbia). He also brings industry experience from his prior work in Nokia Corporation, and ZTE Corporation. Najmul is expert in both qualitative and quantitative approaches.